Pixel LED Data Amplifier Booster Repeater
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 Friends, welcome to our blog where we will learn how to create Pixel led data amplifier as well as how to utilise this circuit as a pixel led data splitter.

Why We Need Pixel LED Data Amplifier?

Pixel led data amplifier is used for long-distance data transfer we use different types of pixel controller they transfer data maximum 10 to 20 foot.

if we use long wire our pixel flicker and so we have not good results so we use data amplifier to solve this problem.

for Pixel led amplifier we need a max 485 module.

you also make your own module with the help of max 485 ic it’s too cheap and simple to make this type of projects.

o separate data, a pixel led data splitter circuit is employed. If you have one controller and want to use the data from that controller in multiple locations, for example, if I decorate one building and want the same programme to run on another building at the same time, we use a splitter circuit in which we connect the transmitter to the main data controller and connect as many receivers as we need. Because of this type of connection, we save a lot of money and all of the building programmes look great.

Parts Required:

max 485 module : From Amazon

ready made circuits : From India

Wiring Diagram Pixel LED Amplifier:

pixel led data amplifier price

Video tutorial Pixel led data amplifier:

Pixel LED Data Amplifier Booster Repeater

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