How To Connect LED Pixel Patta
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Hello friends, in today’s article I will tell you how to connect Pixel LED Patta? I am going to talk about this. What are the things you’re going to need to make the Pixel LED Strap

All this today I am going to talk to you in the deep. What kind of decoration can you make with the help of this date? Where can you use the Pixel LED strap by making it? Which power supply do you have to use to make this? Which Controller to use? All this today I am going to tell you in this article, so read this article completely today.

How to Make Pixel LED Patta:

Friends, you are going to need some basic things to make this Pixel LED strap. You can see in the photo below.

LED Pixel Patta strap
LED Pixel Patta strap

Friends, you can see in the photo above. First of all, you have to take a belt of such a cup. You will get this from anywhere. I have purchased it from Offline Market. In this we have to do Pixel LED Joint. So for this you have to take a Grip which you are going to see something like this. You can see in the photo below.

Multicolor LED Pixel Patta, For Decoration

You can also buy it online or from offline market, You can use this Grip very easily in many places, You are also going to need Pixel LED lights. You can see in the photo below.

pixel led light patta price

You can also purchase this from Amzone. You get to see its price around 270, Friends, you are going to need Power Supply And pixel led Controller in the last, you can also use 20A power supply to make this.

If we talk about Controller then you can also use T1000S, SP107E, SP108E or Music Controller.

Connect LED Pixel Patta:

Friends, you can connect this Pixel LED Patta in a very easy way, the ones that I have taken in Belt Use are about 11 feet, here we have kept the measurement of one feel and one inch. So accordingly our 12 Pixel LED Strap will be used, you get to see 50LED in one of the Pixel LED lights.

So I have 6 such Pixel nets. So I cut it from the middle and make it 25-25.

Then I guess it according to one fit and one inch. Now you have to do the wiring simply, you have to do the Wiring of Series Type in this project. And you have to do the spiral type wiring in it.

you are going to see Teen Wire in Pixel LED. In which two are Positive and Negative. And one is of Wire Data.

now you have to do surf type wiring in it. That’s why you have to connect the wire of the data below, and So you have to connect with an Extra Wire in each lease.

Now let’s talk about wiring, in the supply you have to give, I have used 1.50 A wiring. you should use maximum wire of Ampire so that your current is not stolen. After that you have to do Positive and Negative Joint. now all you have to do is wearing only this much. Now this is our project, they are completely ready. You don’t have to do anything else. You can see in the photo below. This whole project you are going to see something like this.

led light price

you can also do Home Decoration very well. You can use it in many places.

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