How to make Pixel LED Tree With Sound Effects
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In today’s article, I am going to talk about How to make pixel cracker tree With Sound. If you want to make such a wonderful attractive tree on Diwali with Pixel LED, then read this article completely today.

How to Make Pixel LED Tree Parts:

Which part you are going to need first, then we will know what things you have to use first, first of all you need 4 stell of 4 mm, if you want, you can use for more but now only 4 pieces It is going to be needed, you are going to see something like this, you can see in the photo below, you can see in the photo above, I have used some such 4 mm cells. You have to keep in mind that it should be of the same size because with this you are making your favorite tree. So we first see which part to use. And don’t miss this article a bit.

How to make Pixel led Cracker tree
  1. Controller is needed which will be easily available for Rs 1000.
  2. Want smps 5v 5a, you will get it for Rs 200.
  3. special 5 pic Pixel LED which you will get pic for Rs 350.
  4. You can use iron rods to make the complete trucker.
  5. Tai greep 200 Pic

Pixel LED Cracker Tree Wiring:

First of all, you have to install the led with the help of tai in our tractor ready.

After that, parallelize what we have made above and connect it with whatever line is below, then give power to all led and in the last below you will have to connect the controller.

The work that is left now is to connect the speaker, then whatever you have There is a sound system with amplifier. connect its 3.5 mm jack pin with the controller that’s it now your whole system is ready.

rgb pixel LED tree kit

Pixel LED and Controller Purchase:

If you want to buy a controller, then in the comment below this post. you will contact you in front of your full address and mobile number in Daldo.

And if you do not understand from the post, then the link of the video is given below.

Video Link :

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