How To Make Pixel LED 8×24 Circle?
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Hello friends, today in this article I am going to talk about How to Make Pixel LED 8×24 circle At-Home. After all, how can you make a circle of Pixel LED 8×24.

What are the things that are going to be needed to make this kind of project?

If you want to make this kind of Pixel LED 8×24 circle project, then which power supply will you have to use? Which controller are you going to need? How do you want to wire it? If you want to make this kind of Pixel LED 8×24 circle at home then read this article completely. 

Basic Information About Pixel LED Circle :

You’re going to need so many things first. You are going to need a Black Shit first of all in this project, You get to see a very good effect on Black Color, If you do not have then you can take Shit Use of any color. You are going to need another Pixel LED.

And you will also have to use Power Supply. I have used 20A power supply here. If you want, you can also take 10A in Power Supply Sue.

You are going to need Controller in the last, In this, you friends can take 8 line support in the Controller in which you use it.

Here friends, you can also use Pixel LED 8×64 Without Programming Controller, You get to see something like this in this Controller. You can see in the photo below. 

How to make pixel led chakra
Pixel LED Circle Controller

 You are going to need this type of controller. In this, you have 8 Line in Vertical, you can take it in any Controller Use. You are not going to need anything else.

How to Make Pixel LED 8×24 Circle At-Home:

Friends, first of all you have to hole in the sheet. You have to make 8 holes in the vertical. And in this way you have to make 28 lines. By doing such a hole, you have to joint the LED in the spiral type. You can see in the photo below. Seeing you photo, I will understand everything very well.

Pixel LED Ring Bord 8×24 full circuit connection
Pixel LED 8×24 Circle Sheet

You can see in the photo above, That’s how I input the LED from the back side. You also have to input in this way.

In this, you can see that as soon as one network of Pixel LED ends, I have also combined the other. By doing this all the LEDs are of input. Now you have to do wiring. In this you have to do very simple wiring.


If you also want to make this type of Pixel LED 8×24 circle, then you have to do very simple wiring.

you have to program the Pixel LED in spiral type. After that, where one network ends, I have to connect the second strip. You have to connect the Power Supply again. In this, you have to combine Positive with Postive and Negative with Negative Wire. After that, you have to connect the controller also. Here also you have to connect Positive with Positive and Negative with Negative.

After that you will have to take two extra wires. You have to use it as Positive and Negative.

Friends, where a network of Pixel ends, there you will have to give extra power. So that the Pixel LED blinks properly. Current cannot be stolen with its help.

You will have to give extra power to all the Pixel LEDs in this way. All you have to do is just this wiring.

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