Pixel LED Thoran Wifi Controller from india
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Pixel led wi-fi controller can control pixel led setups with the help of wi-fi you can put your name in your pixel through your mobile phone.

Thoran WiFi Controller Features: 

  • Device Management Program on Android.
  • Six scrolling text coloring effects.
  • Set the color of text for the entire line.
  • “Breath” – a smooth change in brightness.
  • “Color” – smoothly changing the color of the entire text along the entire length of the line.
  • “Rainbow” – the color gradient of the text along the length of the line.
  • “Colored letters 1” – each letter of the text changes color when moving.
  • “Colored letters 2” – each letter of the text has its own color.
  • Effect settings can be changed from the program from a smartphone.
  • Settings are saved in non-volatile EEPROM memory.
  • The text string transferred to the device is stored in memory and restored after the device is turned on.
  • Voice recognition for creeping text input.
  • Network connection settings (SSID and password, static IP) are set in the program and stored in EEPROM.
  • Thoran controller is available in different matrix size.
Thoran WiFi controller

Thoran Wifi Controller Information:

  • WEIGHT: 200 g
  • CONNECTION TYPE: S type, Z type
  • SIZE: 10×120, 10×150, 10×30, 10×60, 12×24, 12×48, 15×60, 16×32, 16×64, 20×40, 20×80, 25×40, 25×80, 50×20, 50×40

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