WS2811 LED Pixel
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About WS2811 LED Pixel:

  • 【Dream Color Rainbow Color Chasing Effect】 Innovative design by adding smart IC in RGB solid-color LED light, ALITOVE dream color led lights is able to display multiple colors on one string light simultaneously. Vivid colors constantly chase or flow like a rainbow. Instantly transform any space with mesmerizing vibrant lighting, light up your entire home with colorful and romantic atmosphere.
  • 【300 Color Modes】 The addressable LED pixel string kit is designed with 300 kinds of color modes, such as static, flash, fading, chasing, breath, stacking, wave etc. The brightness and changing speed of each color mode can be adjusted freely.
  • 【Wide Application】 With so many static and dynamic color modes, it can be widely used in any lighting scene. For example, you can use it to decorate your bedroom or courtyard. It’s perfect for romantic dating, Holiday, Party. You can also install it on your shop window to Attract others’ attention.
  • 【User-friendly Design】 All in one kit. Plug and play. No soldering is needed. Waterproof IP68 silicone coating protects it very well, makes it work underwater. [Warm Notice: The adapter and control box are not waterproof]. 15m long distance RF remote control. Save user setting when power off. Working voltage is only 5V, safe to children.

WS2811 LED Pixel Description:


Model: WS2811 LED pixel string SP103E kit
Light source: F8RGB*1
IC Model: WS2811 IC
LED Quantity: 50 LEDs/string
LED Shape: Round
Power supply input: 100V-240V AC
Power supply output: 5V 3A
LED string working voltage: DC 5V
LED string working power: 0.3W/pixel, 15W/string
Color: full color, 24-bit
Gray level: 256
Color modes: 300 kinds Remote distance: 15 Meters
Working temperature: -20℃~60℃
Wire Length: 7~7.5cm Lamp to Lamp
LED String Length: 3.5m / 11.5ft
Protection level: IP68 for LED pixels ( controller and power supply are not waterproof)

Kindly note:

If the controller displays the wrong colors, for example Red is Green, Green is Red, and Blue is Green, please don’t worry, it doesn’t mean the controller is defective. It is the setting issue.
How to fix it?

  1. click the SETTING button 5 times until LED flash in white once and then turn into all white.
  2. Press the R button until LEDs are red; press the G button until LEDs are Green, press the B button until LEDs are Blue. Then press the SETTING button once to confirm your setting.
  3. If you do all and it still cannot work correctly, please contact us for more help.

Package List:

1 x 11.5ft WS2811 LED pixel string light
1 x RF remote controller
1x Signal reciver controller
1x 5V 3A power supply

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