K-1000C (T-1000S Updated)
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K-1000C (T-1000S Updated) WS2812B APA102C SK6812 WS2811 WS2801 Led Strip 2048 Pixels Controller DC5-24V Addressable Programmable Controller with SD Card.

About K-1000C LED Controller:

  • 【Professional K-1000C controller an upgrade of T-1000S】 It supports all the smart IC on the market. Including. WS2812B,WS2811,WS2813,SK9822,SK6812RGBW,APA102C,WS2801,etc . All the dual data led chip , data and clock led chip, single data led chip. It is suitable for engineering projects or customers’ DIY project .Support SD card 128MB-32GB. Install LEDEDIT software on window computer. Can not work with Mac.
  • 【Great for DIY Project】It supports LED strip/ LED matrix panel/Special-shaped/different data directions project. Various special lighting effect. like effects-firework ,chasing, rainbow, scrolling text, single color, full color, running etc. There is a lighting effect library in the LEDEdit software . You also can use some videos/pictures as your own lighting effect library.
  • 【Cascade Synchronization】There is one port on it, it can support 2048 pixels (DMX LED 512 pixels). Cascade Synchronization is for large pixels projects .We can cascade many controllers. There are K4000C controller max control 4000 pixels , K8000C controller max control 8000 pixels ,if you need please contact us .
  • 【Refresh Rate】 512 pixels 30 frames/second, 1024 point pixels 25 frames/second and 2048 pixels 15 frames/second. Max control WS2812B 2048 pixels. Usually we recommend 1000-1500 pixels. More pixels will decrease the speed of data transmission.

K-1000C Controller Description:

This is the detailed teaching video for this controller. Please copy the link from the bullet point. You also can search K1000C detailed teaching video on youtube.

There are 4 parts in that video. If you are a beginner, please watch all of them before you buy it.

Part 1: We teach you how to connect the power supply, controller and the LED strip. It is also used to check the connection before you program a file for the project.

Part 2: We will teach you how to program a lighting effect for you WS2812B 16X16 LED matrix panel. It is the same way to program a file for other addressable panels.

Part 3: We will teach you how to program a lighting effect a lighting effect for WS2812B LED strip. When you learn this, you can program a lighting effect for all the smart IC led strip.

Part 4: We will teach you how to connect two K-1000C controller to control 3000 pixels panel project. We call it Cascade synchronization.

k-1000c led controller software download

Note :

  1. There are user manual and LedEdit2019 software in the SD card. If it doesn’t we can send it to you.
  2. Search K-1000C detailed teaching video on Youtube you will find them how to work and how to program.
  3. Format the SD Card :

SD Card ≤ 2GB, FAT, default settings for allocation unit size.

SD Card>2GB, FAT 32, default settings for allocation unit size.

If you need so many SD cards, we also can send to you from China. It is also very cheap.


1x K-1000C controller 1x 256Mb SD card1xuser manual1x user manual e-file (in the SD card)1x LEDEdit2019 , LEDEdit2020 , LEDEdit2021 software (in the SD card).

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