LEDEdit Class not registered error in Windows 10 Fix
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Reasons for class not registered error and Fix LED Edit:

Since, Adobe flash player discontinued due to security risks and other reasons. There will be no Adobe flash player update in the future. This cause lot of software that use flash components to stop working in new operating systems such as Windows 10. Adobe asked people to remove Flash player from their computers. With the latest windows 10 update flash player will be removed automatically. This is why some software which worked before but no longer doesn’t work in windows 10 and later versions.

LED Edit software also uses these flash player and it’s libraries. Since, there is no flash player in windows 10 versions. This cause the LED Edit to give an error “Class not registered”. This error can appear even if you tried to manually install old flash player in your system. However, the developers of the LED Edit software managed to fix this error. Here is how to fix the “Class not registered” error.

How to fix class not registered error:

🔴 Download LED Edit latest version from Here and install it (Follow the instructions given in that article).

LedEdit class not registered Error Solution

🔴 In the start up of the software click on the right side button to update the software to LED Edit 7.3 or later version.

led edit 2021 class not registered error

🔴 Wait until the update process to be completed.

class not registered windows 10

🔴 Once completed you will see a pop-up window. Click on “Yes” button (This will restart the LED Edit software).

🔴 Now you have a working LED Edit software. Happy Pixel LED programming with LED Pixel Site!

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